Stewart Petroleum Corporation, was formed as an S Corporation in 1986 by Paul and Daryl Stewart.  The company is actively engaged in all phases of oil and gas exploration, production, and producing property acquisition within the Rocky Mountains and the Mid-Continent.  Stewart Petroleum Corporation is currently seeking opportunities to participate in drilling opportunities, leasehold acquisition, and to acquire oil and gas assets.

Daryl R. Stewart, has been President and sole owner of Stewart Petroleum Corporation since 2002. Prior to 2002 Mr. Stewart was Vice President of Stewart Petroleum Corporation and was instrumental in prospect generation, acquisition, promotion and development of the company assets, including the 2001 divestiture of assets to Black Hills Exploration and Production, Inc. From 1984 until 1986 Mr. Stewart was a staff geologist with Century Oil & Gas Corporation a public company active in Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming.  Mr. Stewart was involved in prospect generation, exploitation and promotion of company assets in numerous sedimentary basins.  From 1982 until 1984 Mr. Stewart was a part-time geologist for Century Oil & Gas Corporation while attending graduate school.  Mr. Stewart’s responsibilities were prospect generation and well-site geology.  Mr. Stewart has also been involved with start-up companies within the oil and gas industry as both a seed-capitalist and board of directors member.  Mr. Stewart is a member of many oil and gas organizations.


Contact Info

Stewart Petroleum Corporation
475 Seventeenth Street
Suite 1500
Denver, CO 80202


Phone -303/799/1922
Fax - 303/799/1924


Email -

Staff Info

Daryl R. Stewart, President


Terry Cox, Engineer


Pat Cameron, Accountant  





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